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November 20, 2014 by theamazingmj

I live in a tiny college town in Eastern New Mexico. Not only that, but I am an English major in a tiny college town in Eastern New Mexico.

Put that together and you can assume that we have some weird cult stuff going on.

Coffee cup solutes: I have a very strong affinity for coffee. There are very few stresses in my life that coffee cannot fix. The ladies that work at my favorite on-campus coffee shop know me and never forget to give me my discount or to substitute soy milk for its evil lactose-laden counterpart.

I find myself in good company on my college campus. I have developed connections and friendships with people simply based off of the love of coffee. When I am walking down a hallway or across campus, coffee cup in hand, and I see someone else with a coffee cup, we often slightly lift our cups in salute to one another. However, be careful not to lift it too high or too violently, you don’t want to spill any of that liquid nectar of the gods.

From the Wikipedia page for "coffee."

From the Wikipedia page for “coffee.”

Bookstore meet-ups: Interestingly enough, most of the avid readers in my circle avoid the bookstore. Why? Because when they leave after a visit they leave with arms full of books and no time to read them. Unfortunately, I do not have that pleasure, I work there. I have to un-pack the books when they come in. THAT gets me in trouble.

Anytime anyone wanders over to the trade-book section of our bookstore I get giddy, because I might have made a new friend. I give them all of the best suggestions and make sure they leave with an arm full of books and no time to read them as well, then I suggest where they should pick up their coffee for their long reading session that it ahead.

Book sharing: When you love books as much as I do, it’s okay to be friends with me. Just like I have bonded with someone over a cup of coffee, I have bonded with many people simply over a single book. Wanting to read as many books as I do can be troublesome when you are on a college student’s budget. So we share. In a creepy way, when you get someone’s book, you get a piece of them and you understand that you will take care of it and never let it go.

From the Wikipedia page for "books."

From the Wikipedia page for “books.”

The gloves come off when the library sale starts: In my small college town, there is a beautifully perfect public library. Perhaps one of the best things in the entire world is the library’s annual used book sale. You can fill up an ENTIRE bag with books for only five dollars. So, when the library sale comes around, you show up on time and you be-line for the best books. You can even “booty-bump” people, now is not the time to be cautious. You don’t chit-chat, save that for after you have picked up all of the best books.

Sadly, this year, I was not able to make it to my favorite holiday festivity due to the birth of my beautiful niece. I sent one of my favorite teachers in place of me and I almost cried when I got my bag of books today. She picked out good ones and gave me not-so-secret hints at grad school by giving me books I would have to read if I chose to go.

This was a salute all in its own, and I loved it.

4 thoughts on “Books and Coffee Salutes – College Life

  1. caronbot says:

    English-major power *dap*

  2. Nothing better than a good book and a cup of coffee—unless it is a good book and a glass of wine

    • theamazingmj says:

      I guess my view of that depends on what time of day it is and where I am. If I’m in public, coffee is generally the better option. Wine also has the tendency to make me drowsy, and I love my books, but I don’t love my books when they are drool covered.

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